How To Remove Stains From A Sofa

Everybody wants to have their furniture clean and smart all the time. Everyone wants their furniture to have the same look as they appeared when they purchased them. Furniture especially the sofa in a home is a focal point of view and nobody would wish to ruin this. Therefore, the right cleaning and maintenance methods are in a high demand making it difficult for individuals to do the work for themselves. It becomes harder especially if the sofa has stains in it which are stubborn to remove with usual methods.

Cleaning sofa is quite tricky because you do not know the detergent that is positive and which one is negative to the material that makes it. If you decide to clean it alone ensure that you consult your manufacturer for a cleaning formula. If it have stains which are stubborn it is important to hire services from a cleaning company if need be. Below we are going to discuss a method that you can use to remove wine stains from your sofa.

Remove wine stains from your sofa with this easy method: You just need to mix a cupful of rubbing alcohol with another cup of clean drinking water. After you stir the solution completely moisture a piece clothing material with the mixture. Apply the cloth on the part of your sofa that has stain and let the sofa to absorb for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure if the affected area is larger than the clothing piece until the entire place is covered. Leave it to dry and the stain will disappear completely. If wine spills again the place repeat the same procedure.

Finally, it is important to mention that hiring the services of a professional sofa cleaners is the best the way to ensure that your furniture and your home is at par. When the need arise or you face a challenge that is beyond your strength always consider hiring the services from professional cleaners.